Martin Dajnar and Ollie Barn

We want to give our children everything we didn't have, which is what someone who spoils their child would say. But we all know there is a fine line, and my stepson Ollie crossed it. A trip across my knee was the reminder that Ollie needed. I slapped his ass, and it made my dick hard. If he wanted something to play with, I would give it to him. He sucked on my cock to show me he could be a good boy, but I knew he could prove that in more ways than one. I sucked his meat while getting his hole ready with my finger. It had been a few months since I felt inside his hole. I gave my boy the fuck we both needed. I hope his mom smells it in the air.
Featuring:  Martin Dajnar, Ollie
Release Date: 06/09/2023

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