Will Price and Felix ODair

My stepson, Felix, is such a flirt, and I didn't realize until recently. During our annual road trip home from softball jr. championships, he did a few things that made me question the type of relationship he wanted. But in the hotel room, when he walked out in his towel, I knew he wanted something. He was tense, so I offered him a massage. He sat down in the chair as I got behind him and rubbed his neck, back, and shoulders. He enjoyed that. I could hear his breath when I touched his stomach, so I went a little deeper. I untied his towel and started to massage his cock. I then went back around his body before making my way back to his dick. I flipped him over and rubbed his back. My hands made their way down towards Felix's ass crack. After playing with his beautiful ass, I went to the front of the chair to rub on his legs and get a better view of his young, fat meat. I stroked it until he shot his load in my hand.
Featuring:  Felix
Release Date: 04/17/2024

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