Lex Moore and Tony Keit

I try to maintain a healthy workout regime that gets me going in the morning. But nothing gets me going as much as my boytoy, Tony. When he entered the living room, I asked if he could help hold down my feet for sit-ups, but that only got me horny. There was no point hiding it, so I started grabbing at my cock. Tony knew what that meant, and since we were home alone, why not. Tony took my cock into his hands and then into his mouth. Not even my wife knows how I like my cock sucked, but Tony does, and he does it so well. But his young, tight hole is the key to my happiness. I slid my dick into his hole, and we fucked until he shot a cummy mess on his stomach, followed by my load on his taint.
Featuring:  Lex Moore, Tony K
Release Date: 07/07/2023

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