Yacob Marx and Axel Brown

I rarely bring boys over, especially not when my dad is home, but today I felt like being a little daring. After soccer practice, I invited Yacob to hang out, and he knew what I meant. My dad was home, so we had to be quiet, but we started grabbing each other's dicks and kissing before I made my move and started sucking on Yacob's meat. We could hear my dad drilling in the garage, but we didn't stop. Then he took his turn sucking my dick. Yacob was as hard as I was, but I was in a giving mood. We lay on the couch, and he slid inside me. I could feel the sensation of his dick filling up with blood as my ass gripped tighter. Just kidding, but it did feel great. We fucked until Yacob pulled out and jerked his load out over me. I was close behind.
Featuring:  Axel B, Yacob
Release Date: 12/04/2023

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